What are the trending industries to join after masters of data science programs?


As increasing numbers of professionals complete online master of data science online programs to gain in-demand skills, an obvious question arises: what industries offer the best career opportunities post-graduation? With data continuing its explosive growth across sectors, those attaining distance MS in data science credentials unlock doors to diverse, rewarding roles. Read on for a roundup of trending areas to target with your newly minted expertise.

Before exploring specific industries hungry for masters in data science graduates, it’s instructive to understand high-level employment trends. Per the World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs report, data analysts and scientists rank among the fastest-growing professions. These roles boast high demand across geography and gender. Furthermore, jobs in analytics and data science score very highly on factors like wages and job satisfaction.

With more universities responding through online MCDS programs, the talent supply is swelling too. This allows aspiring data professionals to be selective about industry choice based on personal interests and values. The industries below represent particularly promising landing spots today for those completing intensive course modules in masters of data science programs and eager to apply their learnings.

  • Technology

It likely comes as no surprise that leading technology firms actively recruit candidates with online masters in data science credentials. After all, masters coursework covers highly relevant skills like computational analysis, machine learning, and AI application. Those gaining robust abilities in these areas through distance learning in data science programs find abundant tech sector opportunities.

Specific companies conspicuously bolstering analytics and data science staffing include Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, and Apple. But data also now factors prominently in offerings across the tech landscape. Assorted startups are building their entire business models around gathering customer data and extracting insights via analytics. Graduates of online data science master’s programs often find great fits with these innovative early-stage ventures as well.

  • Business Consulting

For those intrigued by devising data-driven solutions but prefer interacting directly with end-business decision-makers rather than purely technical development, large management consulting firms present another prime path post-online MCDS graduation. The likes of McKinsey, Bain, BCG, and Deloitte are recruiting masters in data science graduates aggressively.

These prestigious consultancies win engagements across industries by helping leadership teams leverage analytics to strengthen strategies and operations. Data science masters establish methodologies for gathering crucial enterprise data, apply modeling to unearth insights, and create systems enabling faster evidence-based choices. Client-facing aptitude lets them also clearly communicate findings and rally consensus on next steps. Blending “hard” quantitative abilities with “soft” communication talents, online masters in data science graduates thrive in consulting.

  • Banking/Finance

Few industries deal with bigger, more complex data sets than banking and finance. Everything from complex proprietary risk models to AI algorithms detecting fraud attempts to pattern-finding in enormous global transaction volumes keeps banking and finance institutions hungry for analytics talent. Those gaining world-class data science skills like statistical modeling, quantitative analysis, predictive analytics, and data mining through distance learning in data science course modules are eagerly welcomed.

Specific growth areas include fintech innovators exploring blockchain, cryptocurrencies, robo-advising, and mobile payments. But traditional banks and financial services players also need data masters graduates to help personalize customer experiences, forecast economic shifts, model regulator reactions, and make strategic moves grounded in objective insights versus emotions. The advanced analytics expertise developed through intensive online data science masters curriculum enables success across financial sectors.

  • Healthcare

Another field being radically transformed by data and analytics is healthcare. As medical data proliferation accelerates through electronic health records (EHRs), wearables, remote patient monitoring devices, and more, optimizing life-saving research and patient treatment depends increasingly on the ability to synthesize insights from huge, ever-growing data lakes.

The distance MS in data science majors are instrumental in building systems combining worldwide health data to spot early disease outbreak warning signs. Their models identify at-risk patient groups for preventative intervention. Their algorithms also allow healthcare providers to predict successful drug or treatment responses based on genomic markers. Simply put, healthcare needs masters in data science specialization to fulfill its noble purpose. Those with online masters in data science pedigrees thereafter find limitless mission-driven career options where data skills directly improve human health.

  • Public Sector

Beyond business, graduates of online data science masters programs are also increasingly valued within government for informing better policy decisions through objective analysis versus subjective debate alone. Across local, state, and federal agencies, officials aim to base directives on actual evidence indicating what works versus what merely sounds good politically.


While the applicability of analytics continues to expand exponentially across domains, the industries above represent particularly target-rich environments today for those completing intensive course modules in masters of data science programs. Technology firms, management consultancies, banking and financial institutions, healthcare systems, and government agencies currently offer both tremendous career opportunities and diverse cultural fits to align individual values and passions for recent online master of data science graduates looking to make maximum impact with their new skills. By enrolling in an online MSc in Data Science program from Manipal Academy of Higher Education at Online Manipal, you unlock a wide range of job opportunities across sectors.

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